Greed, fear and hope are emotions, which are not welcome, when handling your own money. This can be very devastating, especially at the stock market. A lot of traders lose money, even though they know the basic principles of the stock market. However, they are not able to trade accordingly. Their decisions are driven by emotions. When the stock price drops after entering a new position, the fear of loss develops. Hope emerges also because the market entry was well thought out and the stock is supposed to rise … actually.

The hope for better times is greater in times of loss, greed develops during times of gain. Nevertheless more than 80 % of traders loose their money at the stock market.

I will help you to organize your trading more unemotional and efficient by converting your ideas into automated trading strategies for NinjaTrader and Wealth-Lab. This way you are relieved of making decisions and you can monitor how your systems trade for you.

These are the services I offer you on the following pages:

  • Programming strategies on the basis of NinjaTrader and Wealth-Lab
  • Programming indicators on the basis of NinjaTrader
  • Introduction to the NinjaTrader and Wealth-Lab platform
  • Coaching and support for the application of my systems and indicators
  • Workshops on programming with NinjaTrader and Wealth-Lab
  • Reporting and analysis of portfolio based approaches with Wealth-Lab with stocks